Baby back ribs
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Once upon a time there was a Garbodor that loved Fairies… but knew it could never play with them, because it was Poison…


I’ll try to get properly on track with the Pokemon October Challenge tomorrow, but for now here’s one of the days I’m late for lol.

Day17 An eevee-lution I know it’s the obvious choice for Halloween, but it’s obvious for a reason! Besides it had been a while since I last drew an Umbreon and they’re so awesome! I love ‘em to death! Uh… figuratively!



Now the real question is how many gay girls are in this fandom?

*raises hand in a wibbly wobbly sort of manner* i like girls a lot but guys are nice too sometimes

*punches a hole in the ceiling* ooo hhaa right here~

Mascot Wars

  • Round 1: Real good fighting, lots of sass and funny graphics
  • Round 2: Team garbage and learning more than you ever wanted to know about rabbits
  • Round 3: Yelling at lucariolis about round 3
Anonymous asked: For the hottest poke-blogger 2k14 I vote you!



So the total comes to:




Thank you :)! It means a lot though :)!

Me- -13938382

Double negative equals a positive.


I wanted to do something nice, so I made this for my girlfriend. I used felt, super glue, and tape. I’m really proud of how it came out considering I only made something like this once before. That and I kept gluing pieces of felt to my hand. Accidentally. 

Buneary falls in love with Pikachu

by ソウジ
permission to upload this image was given by the artist


My style definitely changed a bit.


Jigglypuff Palette Portrait by Red-Flare
Another Smash Bros portrait! I’ve decided I’m going to start with the original fighters before doing any of the new guys, & Jigglypuff is a veteran fighter. Don’t be deceived by her cuteness. She can kick your ass just as good as the rough & tough looking fighters.


Stopped by the Tokyo Bay Pokemon Center, took some pics.

mega gardevoir & mega gallade

Shiny Gliscor



They don’t have my brand


I have special eyes




Look with your special eyes


My braaand


On a night stroll

In new ORAS trailer, they finally show night time in Hoenn! It looks very beautiful! I wanted to draw something based on it. I like to imagine that Magma grunts stroll around routes with their pokemon at night when nobody else is around. (´⌣` )